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Making a Decorative Gems Set Panel Ring - Part Two

Making a Decorative Gem Set Panel Ring - Part Two  - US$18

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Making decorative gem set panel ring

This tutorial will teach you in precise detail and easy to follow steps and shows you:

  • - Accurate filing angles
  • - Delicate solderering
  • - Making rectangle bezel
  • This tutorial can be made in a standard smithing workshop. You will need:
  •  - Metal : silver or gold or other
  •  - Rectangle gemstone

You will receive :

  • -- 17 Pictures and illustrations
  • -- 11 Pages of detailed instructions
  • -- Bench tips on tools and techniques
Soldering design changes to  panel ring
Soldering operation
Making Rectangle Bezel
Making a rectangle bezel

This tutorial as part two of a series follows up by further working on the Basic Panel Ring part one, that I taught so far. Now I am going to show you how to make a few decorative changes that will alter the design of the blank plate ring you made and how to incorporate a gemstone into your basic panel design. Also in this jewelry making tutorial I will do a step by step illustration of how to make a rectangle bezel for the gemstone. This is but one example of changes that can be made to your basic panel shape. Let creativity flow and see what other designs you can come up with. These rings are an industry standard in many different shapes and sizes. These days it is easy to pick up the phone and order one to size from a supply company, but see how you can stamp your own mark by changing the design. Again, in this tutorial it is assumed that you are familiar with basic goldsmithing techniques.
Your ring will be completed up to the setting stage, which you can do or have your setter set for you. Try a few variations of your own to get the feel of balance and proportions after completing this project.

Free Tutorial
After completing you project, you can go a step further by Making a Rubber Mould of your Panel Ring in this free tutorial.

Making a rubber mold for jewelry casting

Making a rubber mould. 

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For tips on soldering the plate ring watch the Jewelry Tutorial Making a Coin Ring Video on our YouTube Jewelry Making Channel.

If you have to size any type of gem set ring make sure to Protect the Gemstone when Soldering.

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