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Dear fellow metalsmithers,

An overwhelming and such a positive response was received from so many people on the streamlined functionality of new website. We gained a large following of new subscribers. Welcome all!

Summer was glorious in Europe and is especially a time for inspiration and a time to enjoy all the beautiful colors like these traditional Dutch Tulips.

Jewelry inspiration - vibrant tulips in full bloom

Also, in my garden there were roses , dewy and the softest of pink.

The rose inspired my flower brooch

And that was my inspiration for the next few tutorials which I've completed, like this 
Flower Pendant and Brooch

Flower Pendant Combined Brooch Instructions - US$27

The first tutorial is a bold 80 mm flower pendant that can also be worn as a brooch. It is a beautiful focal statement, not easily missed when it is worn.

The center collet:

The 12 mm Lotus style collet was specially designed to accentuate the flower design. The tutorial shows how to make this rather fancy flower collet out of one piece of metal and requires only two solder joints.

Making Lotus Flower Jewelry Collet
The Lotus flower collet before soldering.
Lotus Flower Jewlery Collet Shaped 17 Degrees
The 17 degrees shaped flower collet.

Nature themed jewelry is timeless and remains a firm favorite, as can be seen with these two striking Celedonio spider brooches worn by Dutch Royal Queen Máxima, wife of King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands.

Queen Máxima wearing spider brooches
HRH Queen Máxima of The Netherlands 

I've always been interested in insects and the complexity of casting these insects in silver with as much detail as possible still intact after the cast.
I handmade this titanium spider brooch for my sculpture “Nest”.

Titanium spider forms part of "Nest" Sculpture
This titanium spider form part of the "Nest" Sculpture.

And these are a few insects cast in solid silver. You can find an explanation of How to Cast Insects here.

Casting Spider in Silver
Spider cast in silver.
Making Lotus Flower Jewelry Collet
The underside of the cast spider.
Solid silver cast centipede
The cenitpede feet cast perfectly.
A cast  ground cricket
This is a ground cricket.  
Dung beetle cast in silver
Intact detail of this cast dung beetle.
Solid silver cast scorpion
Solid silver cast scorpion. 

Keep an eye on the Jewelry Making Videos and Jewelry Making Tools and Tips sections on the website, where new updates are regularly posted like the video on Sand Casting Delft Clay Part 1 and Part 2 , which aact as supplementary to the Tutorial on Sand Casting Jewelry – Delft Clay.

To continue on the nature theme, the next tutorial is the summer queen of the insects. The dragonfly has for centuries been a subject of intrigue.

Making Dragonfly Brooch  - US$25

She is a dragonfly brooch and as a first project, this tutorial will emphasize filing and piercing skills.
I have kept the whole tutorial relatively straight forward.
Nevertheless she is very striking and eye catching when worn.

I have made many dragonflies, from the very simple to the very complicated. A recurring theme with dragonfly jewelry is to add vibrant iridescent color with enamels. A starting point is this torch fired plique-a-jour enameling tutorial.

From the dragonfly we move on to this tutorial on making an Owl Pendant Pendant using three circles to make the main owl shape.

Making an Owl Pendant and Brooch  - US$27

We close off with this recent post on How to Modify Your Pliers

From the students corner is this frequently asked question.

Question – "After buying a tutorial can I sell the jewelry made?"


Hello Jennifer,

We are absolutely hundred percent behind our students who want to learn how to make a specific ring, master the techniques and then sell exactly the same or a modified version of that ring. As a tutor our objective is for you to be successful. We love getting feedback and knowing you sold your work,

All the best and go sell, sell, sell.


Stay warm and enjoy your creative time in the workshop.

My very best regards,

Hans Meevis

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