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There are many ways to learn how to make jewelry.
Traditionally, one would enter an apprenticeship with an experienced jeweler for five years, after which one would be regarded as competent to make jewelry.
With the advent of the internet, all this changed.
Information became more readily available and self teaching became much easier.
There are many amateur videos that try to show basic skills but there are very few actual focused projects that show how to make beginner or advanced jewelry, step by step, from the start to the final polished finish.
This type of project is what we specialize in.
We use a PDF format, so that the project can be printed out and then used on the bench as a guide manual.
In this manner one can proceed in your own time, without having to stop/start a video or program.
It is also easier to focus on a single page, for instance, and practice that section until the technique is thoroughly learned and understood.
This method allows for a solid skill set with a good grounding to be built up.
Jewelry making is enormously gratifying and you never stop learning.

List of All PDF Jewelry TutorialsList of All Jewelry Tutorials The saying: "A picture speaks a thousand words" can't be truer , than with learning how to make jewelry. We've found the most effective teaching technique with guaranteed results to be the step by step jewelry making pictorial formula.
Jewelry Making VideosJewelry Making VIdeo With these videos we supplement the need to demonstrate motion and action. The videos are kept short and concise , to teach the essence only.
Newsletter for MetalsmithsMetalsmith Newsletter Follow us through our Metalsmith Newsletter  with the latest releases on how to make jewelry, some tool tips and general jewelry news.